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As with most heated topics in the media world, there has been an increase of stories in the news relating to non-tipping based on religion, race and sexual orientation.  But here lately, it seems that some of these stories were cases of forgery on the server’s part.

I’m not disregarding the authenticity of all the stories, because unfortunately things like this do happen.  I have been the receiver of religious tracts or business cards for a church in lieu of a tip.  And yes, it sucks.  Big time.  Especially those tracts that look like a $10 or $20 bill (these are widely available in Christian bookstores as well as online; now everyone can have the opportunity to be a giant jerk in the name of religion!). I have seen a coworker get stiffed on a tip based on their race.

But why lie?  Why commit illegal acts of dishonesty?  To prove a point?  These servers make all servers look bad!  You want to stand up and fight for basic human rights?  That’s totally fine, just be legal about it.  The influx of these stories makes me sick to my stomach.  I think about all of those servers that have (and will be) stiffed on a tip based on something that isn’t work related, and I worry about them.  I worry because I know that with this increase of forged notes and tips, those that actually suffer from such a horrible situation (and have the guts to actually report/post it, without fear of suspension or termination) will most likely not be taken as seriously.  It’s gotten to the point that now when a customer has altered their credit card slip, I ask them to initial it, in fear that they will later say something like, “well, I didn’t write that!  You can see it’s been changed!”

It is a horrible, horrible thing that people have been a target of non-tippers based on something they cannot control.  It’s even worse that there are people out there playing the victim, getting the media attention, getting donations from people that are only trying to help, only to find out that the person was a giant liar.

There is enough hate, injustice and intolerance in this world already.  We don’t need these fabrications of very real things happening.

How do you feel about these news stories?  Sound off below.