An Introduction

Hello world! 

I’d like to tell you my name, but I could probably lose my job for that.  I’d like to tell you where I work, but I would definitely lose my job for that.  No, I’m not a secret agent, or someone who works for the government.  I’m a server.  And with my minimum wage of $2.13 an hour, plus tips, I have to be more secretive about “the goings-on” of my job than most people.

I’m not one to pat myself on the back, or gloat or any of that nonsense, but I do like to believe that I’m a pretty decent server.  I always smile when I’m at the table regardless of how I’m being treated.  I’m prompt with the initial drinks and their refills.  I write down everything to make sure the kitchen gets your dish just right.  I’m there when you need me, and I’m watching your table when you don’t need me to see when you’ll need me again.  I don’t harass you if you’re not interested in ordering dessert, and I don’t push you if you decide you just want water instead of that tropical mixed drink or a soda.  I print off your ticket way in advance just in case you’re in a hurry and you need it RIGHTNOW.  I listen to your needs and wants and I accommodate them. 

Most of the people that I know and work with would probably say that I don’t have a hateful or spiteful bone in my body.  And they’re right.  It takes a lot to get me worked up.  Working with the public, that’s a quality most of us should have.  So that means I will never:
– do anything awful to your food
-randomly charge you something that you didn’t even have
-purposefully neglect your table

I’ve seen “Waiting” like most servers probably have.  And yeah, it’s funny and all, but I would never do anything like that because I would obviously, without a doubt in my mind, lose my job.

Like most servers in the industry, I’m working my way to getting my degree and getting that good ol’ “9-5” career.  This means that you should not use me as “an example” to your children as “what happens when you don’t graduate high school.”  I did graduate high school.  I also graduated college.  Now I’m going again to get a different degree, a degree that I can actually get a decent career with.

My hope and goal with this blog is to show those that aren’t in the serving industry what it’s like to be in the serving industry.  It’s not all bad, but it’s not like we’re all “rolling in the money” like so many people think we are (no seriously, just google “servers are overpaid” and see how many forums and blog posts you get).  It’s not always filled with people that mistreat us either, sometimes we get people that are literally the nicest I’ve ever met.  I hope to have a happy balance of both types of stories here.  I also hope that this can be a haven for other servers.  Somewhere where we can exchange stories (good or bad), and maybe even lend a helping hand (i.e. “next time this happens, you should do this instead of that”).

I just want somewhere that I can go, and basically have no “filter”.  And no, I won’t post bad tip pictures, because that just doesn’t seem to work out so well for people (good or bad)

Until next time,