Monthly Archives: April 2014

April Showers

With the influx of thunderstorms and heavy rains, I am reminded of last summer when we had a tornado watch in the area.

The power was out at the restaurant, and yet somehow, our place gave everyone in the area this false sense of hope that they would be able to receive a nice and hot, fresh meal.  But since the power was out, we literally had no way at all to fix anyone food.  The only thing that we were able to serve to the cranky customers was beer and chips.

But that didn’t stop some of the most ridiculous questions I had ever heard in my life from being asked.  Here they are, for your amusement (keeping in mind, again, we had no power):

1 – Why can’t I have a steak?
2 – Why can’t I have pasta?
3 – Can you turn the AC on?  It’s so hot in here!
4 – Can you turn the AC down?  It’s so chilly in here!  You know it’s raining outside, right!?
5 – Can I watch the game?
6 – Can you turn on some lights!?  I can’t see the menu.

And on, and on and on it went, for several hours.  The power never came back on that shift, but the amount of light bulbs that appeared from the customers’ heads after they realized we had no power would have sufficiently lit up the whole town.

Happy Spring!