Interrupting Cow Says…What?

“Hi, welcome to Restaurant!  My name is-”

That’s not my name at all…if it was, I would look like this:


Look, we get it.  You have somewhere to be, or something to do, or you’re super hungry and you can’t wait for me to do one simple, small thing.  The one, small thing that I’m here to do: my job.  If I just walked up to the table and barked “what do you want?” you’d ask to see a manager right away, or get up and leave because I didn’t offer you the experience you were looking for.  So let me offer that experience.

One of the things I really, really enjoy about my job is having the opportunity to meet people.  I’m a people person.  Which is handy, because if I wasn’t a people person, I would probably suck at my job.  Being a people person also means I want to help you have an enjoyable meal.  I don’t want to play Twenty Questions, or pry into your personal life.  The questions I ask are to help me provide you with an experience catered to YOU.

This is also extremely important to my job.  If I’m at a table and my manager walks by, overhearing me not suggesting a dish, or not telling you my name, or not asking questions to make your meal more enjoyable, I get into trouble.

So we get it, Interrupting Cow.  We know you’re in a hurry to get back to your job.  But please let me do mine.


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